85% of Britons want stronger government action on e-waste


85% of Britons think the government doesn’t do enough to encourage sustainability in electronics, according to new research by Trojan Electronics.

Trojan Electronics found that 33% of consumers think the next government should do more to increase the repairability and useful life of electrical items to reduce the country’s e-waste level.

91% of consumers called for the government to remove VAT on electrical spares and labour to reduce the cost of repairing electronic items to extend their lifespan.

Commenting on the findings, James Rigg, CEO at Trojan Electronics, said: “Reducing VAT on electrical spares isn’t a revolutionary move for a government. Austria and France have already introduced schemes to subsidise the cost of electrical repairs in recent years. The new UK government would simply be following suit as it lags behind its continental counterparts.

“Policymakers can also remove VAT on the repaired product when it is resold as typically there is no further value added. Instead, the electrical item is taxed twice.

“The removal of VAT stops this and makes the refurbished item more affordable, something that would be greatly appreciated in the current cost-of-living crisis.”

Reducing VAT on electrical spares isn’t a revolutionary move for a government.

To enhance the country’s circularity efforts, 22% of consumers think the government should introduce new policies to increase the longevity of electrical products.

The research also found that 24% of Britons want the UK government to encourage the reuse of electronic items rather than sending unwanted but working items to landfill.

Rigg continued: “The UK government plays a pivotal role in advancing the circularity of electrical goods. Key to increasing electronic circularity is making it easier for individuals and businesses to engage in circular activities. This includes introducing better recycling opportunities to minimise e-waste.

“We are increasingly seeing that consumers want to recycle their electronics, but they are being held back by a lack of recycling facilities and points in parts of the country.

“The new government has an opportunity as any to rethink the country’s approach to sustainability and electronic circularity. It can’t afford to be missed.”

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